NeuroPace Announces RNS System Enhancements Designed to Streamline Care

- Upgraded nSight Platform Improves Clinicians’ Ability to Track, Review and Evaluate Patient Data -

- ‘Simple Set Programming’ Enables Complete Programming Set Transfer Directly to RNS Tablet -

- FDA Approval of Smaller, Portable and Simpler Tablet Remote Monitor with Wireless Connectivity -

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NeuroPace, Inc. (Nasdaq: NPCE), a commercial-stage medical device company focused on transforming the lives of people living with epilepsy, today announced a series of key enhancements to its RNS System, all designed to streamline care. The nSight Platform, Simple Set Programming, and the Tablet Remote Monitor are all designed to simplify the experience with the RNS System for both clinicians and patients, and to improve patient care.

The RNS System is the only commercially available closed-loop system for the treatment of drug-resistant focal epilepsy. By continuously monitoring brain activity, the RNS System can detect abnormal activity and respond to that activity before it results in a clinical seizure. The RNS System then records those events, allowing the clinician to use the data to actively manage patient care.

In August, the Company launched the next generation of its nSight Platform, a secure online portal that simplifies the RNS System data experience. The Patient nSight Report portion of the platform enables physicians to efficiently review their patient’s data with a concise, customized report that integrates information from multiple sources, including digital seizure diaries. The report summarizes intracranial electroencephalography (“iEEG”) detail and historical data trends that can help the physician identify patient-specific insights, which can be used to optimize care through such things as behavioral counseling and programming changes, and presents programming options for the clinician to evaluate.

The recent introduction of Simple Set Programming also streamlines the physician’s in-clinic experience by simplifying the programming workflow, allowing the physician to spend more time focusing on the patient. With this expanded capability, the physician can pre-establish complete programming sets prior to the clinic visit, so programming is ready to deploy quickly and easily in clinic.

Additionally, the Tablet Remote Monitor (“TRM”), recently approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, simplifies the way in which patients interact with NeuroPace’s RNS System. The remote monitor transfers iEEG data captured by a patient’s RNS System to their clinician, so that the clinician can monitor, assess, and guide treatment. The TRM introduces a smaller, more portable profile along with a simpler user interface and wireless connectivity. Data is transferred by the patient from the RNS Neurostimulator to the TRM, where it is wirelessly uploaded to a secure database for later retrieval and review by the patient’s clinician. Regulatory approval of the TRM was achieved on schedule, and the Company anticipates commercial launch of the TRM in the fourth quarter of 2023.

“We continue to focus on ease of use and scalability of our RNS System and the design and release of these enhancements demonstrates our commitment to enabling clinicians to more efficiently and effectively deliver patient care,” said Joel Becker, Chief Executive Officer of NeuroPace. “As we continue to focus on increased adoption of our RNS System and expanded utilization of our technology within the community setting, we believe it is critical to offer a product that is not only clinically superior, but also designed to facilitate streamlined care. I am proud of our team – from Product Development to Regulatory and Quality – as they work toward continuous improvement of the RNS System and, in turn, quality of life for patients,” continued Mr. Becker. “We are dedicated to delivering a product that is superior not only in outcomes, but also efficiency and ease of use.”

About NeuroPace, Inc.
Based in Mountain View, Calif., NeuroPace is a commercial-stage medical device company focused on transforming the lives of people living with epilepsy by reducing or eliminating the occurrence of debilitating seizures. Its novel and differentiated RNS System is the first and only commercially available, brain-responsive platform that delivers personalized, real-time treatment at the seizure source. This platform can drive a better standard of care for patients living with drug-resistant epilepsy and has the potential to offer a more personalized solution and improved outcomes to the large population of patients suffering from other brain disorders.

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